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The secret to keeping your jewelry looking like new

Jewelry can be one of the most expensive accessories you own. For such small, delicate dainty pieces, it’s almost ludicrous how much we’re willing to spend on them. However, with that price tag, comes another host of responsibilities. If you’ve worn jewelry for a while, you’ll probably notice that over time they may tarnish, stones may fall out, chains get frustratingly knotted up and messy! 

Today, we’re here to help you avoid these issues by letting you in on a few of our secrets, to keep your jewelry in top condition! That way, you can enjoy their beauty and elegance for much longer than their typical life span, while getting the most bang for your buck!

Polish and wash your jewelry occasionally

Just like you’d take your car to a carwash every now and then, you’ll want to wash your jewelry every now and then too! Even if you take off your jewelry anytime you get near a situation where it might get dirty, things can still build up overtime! One of the guiltiest culprits is our own bodies sweat and natural oils! 

Therefore, ideally, you should give it a light rinse with warm water and gentle dish soaps, never use harsh detergents, after every use. However, even if you aren’t wearing it, you should still give it a light rinse at least once a month to get rid of any build up of dust or other less visible particles.

Keep your jewelry out of the sun as much as possible!

By now, everyone has heard about the negative effects the sun can have on your skin with over exposure. Well, the same thing happens with many other things, jewelry included! Just like colors on a picture fade overtime with exposure to sunlight, your jewelry can lose some of its luster and color if left in the sun for too long.

Not only that, but some precious gems actually hold small quantities of water within them that keep them shiny and beautiful! Therefore, if left in the hot sun, they could easily dry out and start cracking. This is especially apparent in pearls as they crack and discolor when dried out or left in the sun too long.

Don’t mix jewelry with any harsh chemicals

They can leave stains, discoloration and overall, decrease the appeal of your jewelry quickly! That means if you plan on washing dishes, cleaning the floors, even doing laundry! You should first take off any jewelry and store them in a safe location (preferably away from direct sunlight). You can always put it on again later, but if you want to keep your jewelry in the best condition, you’ll have to put in the work to keep it that way!

Take proactive steps to keep the stones from falling out!

One of the worst feelings is taking your favorite piece of jewelry out for a night in the town, only to get back and realize you lost a few of those sparkly stones! So If you want to avoid this, you’ll need to pay careful attention to the stones yourself. 

First, you can test the firmness of the glue keeping the stone in place by lightly pressing at the stone with the tip of your finger. If the stone doesn’t move at all, then the stone isn’t at risk of falling out and you’re safe. However, if you notice the stone seems to shift at all, immediately take the piece to a trusted jeweler so they can reset it. By doing this, the jeweler will have to take full responsibility if the stone does fall out afterwards. 

Now that you know a few tricks to extend the longevity of your jewelry why not put this new knowledge to the test? Treat yourself to some new cute jewelry today and click here to see our collections!



July 19, 2021 — AN PHIL