Velvet Ring In Surprise Box


Showcase your treasured ring with charm in our Velvet Ring In Surprise Box. More than just a secure nest for your distinguished piece of jewelry, this box doubles as an endearing keepsake. The Box stands as an alluring choice for engagements, anniversaries, or simply as a charming presentation for any jewelry item. Its design marries convenience with whimsical appeal, enhancing the significance of your memorable occasions.


  • Compact Size: Measuring 6.3 inches x 5.12 inches x 3.35 inches, it's the perfect size for easy handling and storage.
  • Colour Scheme: Available in an appealing pink and blue colour combination.
  • Soft Material: Crafted from plush fabric for a luxurious feel.
  • Secure Zipper: Features a zipper closure to ensure the ring stays concealed and safe until revealed.


  • Hidden Compartment Surprise: Discover a concealed zipper section within the plush heart-shaped ring box, crafted for the dramatic unveiling of a real ring, ensuring a memorable reaction.
  • Luxurious Materials: Crafted from high-grade, soft materials, the exterior offers a plush, comforting feel, while the interior ensures your ring's safety and security.
  • Ideal for Memorable Moments: Elevate proposals or significant occasions with this ring box, introducing an unexpected twist and extra sentimentality to your gestures.
  • Durable and Multi-Use: Beyond the initial surprise, this charming heart box serves as a lasting memento or decorative piece, continually evoking memories of the cherished event.