Personalized German Silver Four Name Engravings Jewelry Pins

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  • Incredibly detailed craftsmanship in the design of this jewelry and the golden-haired figures look adorable like dolls
  • Super solid copper alloy goes behind this alpaca silver pin; thus, making it long lasting
  • There is an interesting use of color in this pin and the body structure is in silver, and the hair is in gold
  • There are personalized name carving option in the four individual labels 
  • This stylish jewelry pin is very lightweight and smaller in size; hence, it is easy to use 


Don’t miss this sexy piece! You can see excellent craftsmanship in this modernized broach. The four female figures are curvy and the hair is wavy. This spectacular new-age jewelry has the theme of the powerful bond between sisters. Sisterhood is not limited to biological siblings only. There is unity and strength between all kinds of women in different kinds of situations. This German silver broach rightly captures that essence. The sturdy German silver material gives a long-lasting usage without any damage.

The personalized name engravings add a nice personal touch to the jewelry. The four golden-haired figures represent four attractive blond women. You can gracefully wear it within reunions, private parties, day outs, and many other places. This iconic piece is a delightful gift for your sisters. You can get this for your best friends also. It will bring a smile to everyone who sees it.   


  • Material: Alpaca Silver, Copper, & Brass
  • Shape: Figure, Side-Profile
  • Colors: Silver with Gold
  • Size: 26mm x 33mm