Custom Birthstone Heart Pendant, Personalized Name Engraving Pendant for Women



  • Excellent craftsmanship makes the piece look exclusive. The color tone, design, and combination create a delightful pendant
  • The sturdy built quality of rhodium plating gives a long-lasting performance   
  • Customized heart-shaped birthstone. Twelve expressive choices of colored stones 
  • Cubic Zirconia white stones stacked neatly along with the heart. The lining of zirconia stones create a marvelous highlight
  • Personalized name engraving in the body of heart pendant 




Feel the romance of true love! This pretty pendant has a hypnotic aura. The stylish heart pattern of the necklace is a diva’s choice. You get a customized birthstone. The pendant is durable and lasts a long time. You get preference in the color choice also. There are Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver color variants for this piece of jewelry. There are twelve different colored birthstones to choose from many options. The professional design of this pendant will complement all of your outfits. Personalized name engraving makes it a personal belonging to you.

The stack of white zirconia stones gives the colors a prominent contrast. You can gift this to your special lady on a special occasion. This necklace will bring you the cherry note of love to your beloved person.   



Item Type: Pendant Necklaces

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Pendant Size: 27mm*51mm



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