Jewellery for Baby First Anklet Mother’s Love Jewellery

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Bullet Points:

  • STRONG BUILD QUALITY - The premium design and the build quality of the anklet comes with durability and long lastingness and you do not have to worry about damaging
  • SAFE ON SKIN - Since it is made for infants the anklet is made with good quality materials that is safe and you do not have to be worry about developing rashes and allergies
  • Personalization Option - As the anklet comes with the personalization option you can include your kid’s name on it
  • FREEDOM TO ADD IMAGE - The anklet is quite unique since you can include your favorite image of your kid on the anklet that gives a trendy look to it
  • PERFECT GIFTING OPTION - As the anklet comes with the advantage of engraving your name as well as image it is perfect for gifting your loved ones


            Small, Cute and Unique! Never seen before jewellery! Safe for babies! Get your hands today on this on of a kind anklet for babies. Safety for babies is utmost. Made from stainless steel, this anklet is sturdy and safe. It is safe for the skin of babies and will cause them no rashes. The strong built of the anklet including the clasp system also ensures that it will not break, thus minimizing swallowing risk. Care has been taken to ensure that anklet has no sharp edges that can cause harm to the baby. The unique design includes a brilliantly crafted heart that opens to reveal the space for keeping a photograph of you with your baby. This anklet will last generations and your baby can pass it on to theirs. The anklet is also adjustable so that your baby can wear it for a significant time, even till they are toddlers.

            This anklet will add the uniqueness that you have, and your style and taste to that of your baby’s. The infant’s soft smile and the glimmer of this anklet will make your child a boss baby!


Item Type: Customized Anklets

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Customized Type: Photo

Length: 14.5+5cm