Minimalistic Jewellery For Women, Simple Necklace For Women, One Name Engraved Necklace For Women

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  • Durable Material made of Stainless Steel that does not rust or tarnish and can be worn fearlessly
  • Unique and fashionable Necklace that come in a brilliant Silver that is gorgeous and has a character of its own as well
  • Cute inverted triangle shaped pendant that you can wear to show off the infinite love that you have in your heart
  • Can be personalized to add up to 1 name of someone you love making it the piece of engraved jewellery that you need
  • High-quality polish that will last a lifetime without chipping or showing signs of distress and unique black rope chain



 Promise of everlasting love! Unique and brilliant design! Get this pendant today to show off that you love those near and dear to you. Wear the name of who you love always close to your heart. Gift this unique pendant to your mother with the name of your dad on their anniversary, and see her tear up. This is the ideal and best and most thoughtful gift one can give. Since this pendant and necklace is also made of high-quality Stainless Steel, this is easy on the pocket and great for gifting or if you want to buy it for yourself. Imagine wearing this necklace to a shopping mall, and you will invariably see that everyone will look at you. You can wear this too your child’s school for parents-teacher meets, and make a statement that you are passionate about your child.

Since this Necklace comes in a sober silver you have the unique option of pairing this with a variety of clothes as well.



Item Type: Pendant Necklaces

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Chain Type: Black Rope

Pendant Size: 26mm*30mm