Two Personalized Birthstones & Name Engravings Necklace

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  • The excellent craftsmanship of the necklace makes it look exotic. The design is expensive looking
  • High-quality silver lasts a long time. The 925 hallmark certifies the highest quality and safety of the material 
  • Two distinguished birthstones are attached side by side. The arrangement of white-colored stones is unique and exclusive
  • Two personalized name engravings stay in front of the pendants. It becomes much personal with the names engraved there 
  • It is an excellent selection for a gift item to someone special



  It’s time to fall in love again. This here is not jewelry but a token of love. The eye-catching design expresses the unique style of the item. This stunning piece celebrates the sweetness of love by its appealing looks. The solid silver body is extremely safe. You would not get any rashes or skin problems from them. It will stay rust-free for a much longer time. This jewelry is hard to ignore and the custom birthstones create a mesmerizing look.

You can match this item with all kinds of outfits and occasions. The personalized name engravings on the other hand name it a personal belonging. If you are looking for a current design and solid built, this is your jewelry. You can get this to anyone close to you. This item is a celebration of love!   



Item Type: Pendant Necklaces

Metal Type: Silver

Stone: Zircon

Pendant Size: 26mm*21mm



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