Customized Anklets for Women

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Bullet Points:

  • SUPREME BUILD QUALITY - The stainless steel build quality of the anklet makes it perfect for regular wear since you do not have to worry about wearing it off.
  • ELEGANT AND FASHIONABLE DESIGN - It comes with a unique spring chain design that gives a fashionable and elegant look to the anklet and complements every personality
  • HASSLE FREE WEAR - The hook closure design of the anklet makes it easy to wear on and off without any hassle and is good for women who are always on the go
  • OPTION TO PERSONALIZE - With this anklet you get the benefit of personalizing it like the way you want as you can add up to five names of your closed ones
  • A PERFECT GIFTING OPTION - The versatile design and the personalization option of the anklet makes it just the right option to gift it to your loved ones


            Ditch the old! Give yourself a little treat! Do you want to make up for your girlfriend or sister?  This bracelet sports a unique contemporary design not available in the market as such. Be bold and wear your style. This bracelet can match all vibes, classy or bohemian. Wear it with your tanks and shorts or even dressing gowns. Perfect minimalistic jewelry for women. Available in smart silver, dashing gold, and somber rose gold.  This anklet is perfect for all the gaudy goddesses. This anklet can make friends for life, and make all the ladies emotional seeing their friends’ or even pets’ names engraved. This one-of-a-kind bracelet will be that wow factor that separates class from the mass.

The appealing look makes it a no-brainer to buy and wear it. This anklet speaks of the promise of togetherness and oneness. Be a wearer and feel the difference today.


Item Type: Customized Anklets

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Length: 22cm+6cm