Personalized Jewellery for Ladies Modern Anklets for Women

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  • STURDY DESIGN AND BUILD QUALITY - Designed with good quality stainless steel materials the anklet is quite long lasting and will not tarnish or corrode with regular use
  • EASY TO CUSTOMIZE - The anklet comes with the customizing option where you can include two of your favorite names on the heart charms present on the anklet
  • HASSLE FREE WEAR - The unique chain design of the anklet makes it perfect to wear without taking any help and is best for women who are always on the rush
  • UNIQUE ACCESSORY TO FLAUNT - Anklets are quite a fashionable accessory that you can use to compliment your look as well your outfits
  • SAFE TO USE - Since the anklet is made with good quality stainless steel which means you do not have to worry about developing any rashes or allergies


            Put the ‘u’ back in unique! Wear something that fits the diva you are! Anklets are a bold fashion statement. Donne this anklet and become the best version of yourself. Imagine yourself on a beach, with this shinny anklet glistening and catching the attention of all those who see it. This carefree piece of jewellery is what you did not know that you needed in your life. Add this amazing jewellery to your collection and become the talk of the town. Entice the men and make yourself desirable with this chic and beautiful anklet. Incite awe and wonder! Become the enchanting enigma you longed to become! This light in weight but heavy in appearance jewellery is your perfect way to make an impression.

The personal touch that the engravings lend to this piece is what wins hearts. It’s a perfect gift for those you love and highlights the “care” in carefree. This anklet is bound to win your heart and make sure that you leave a lasting impression when you walk the sands of time.


Item Type: Customized Anklets

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Length: 22cm+6cm