Romantic 925 Silver Red Cherry Stud Earrings for Women, Fashion Jewelry Anniversary Gift for Girls



  • Structured using 925 silver that protects the surface of the earrings from any damage
  • The design of the necklace is based on cherry fruit, which makes it different from all the other ones people wearing in the parties
  • Red bright stones that represent the cherries are bright and shine even from a long distance
  • Push back feature makes it easy to handle the earrings and hold them tightly to the ears
  • Do not worry about any type of irritations of skin or rashes while wearing the earrings for a long time


Replace your old designs that got faded with time and are not bright anymore with these shiny earrings! It comes with unique cherry designs to make the people attracted to take a look at it. The earrings are decorated with red bright stone that helps to make it shine brightly. No matter what your skin color is, it matches perfectly with almost all skin colors and outfits. Wear it and remove it instantly in parties and other places easily with the push back feature.

These earrings are a perfect gift for your close friends, family members and relatives, and others. On occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other events, you can gift it to make them happy.