Custom Sterling Silver Young Girl Pin- Personalized Birthstone and Name Engraving Pin for Young Girls

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  • The spectacular design of the ring portrays a young adult girl in the broach and the detailed craftsmanship makes the figure look lively
  • This stylish broach comes from solid sterling silver material, premium quality of the broach gives the long-lasting performance 
  • The craftsman used simple black lines to add an exotic highlight to the figure and hair
  • At the bottom of the broach, there is a customized birthstone and you can pick the zirconia stone from twelve available options
  • There is a personalized name engraving at the bottom of the figure as well 


              You’ll regret it if you miss this! This personalized sterling silver broach is a suitable accessory for modern jewelry lovers! The simplistic design of the pin is highly eye-catching. It is detailed enough to understand the figure as well. The simple use of long hair with a knot gives the impression that this figure captures a young adult girl who is in her late teens. By this virtue, this broach is appropriate for all kinds of women. Wear it with your cute dress, on the jacket, or in your purse. It will look spectacular. The sturdy sterling silver has a long shelf life. So, the shine on the broach will remain unhindered. 

              The personalized birthstone and the name add an emotional connection to the broach. Think of wearing this with your favorite red dress, all eyes will be on you. You can gift this to your teenage daughter or your younger sister o Christmas. You can surprise your best friend on her birthday. Even, you can make Mother’s Day special with this.  


Material: Sterling Silver
Shape: Figure
Size: 32mm x 35.5mm
Stone: Birthstone