925 Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet with Custom Name Engraved



The 925 Sterling Silver adds an extra shine that is bound to give the accessory just the right amount of focus on your wrist

● Features a side-profile of a woman right in a pendant heart and  custom name engraved in the heart - makes a great accessory for anyone

● The easy hook lobster clasp is easy to use and is bound to last for a long time without requiring changes or repairs

● This bracelet is a perfect fit with all skin color and outfits in your wardrobe and rope chain ensure no risk of allergies

● Stylish to the point of being trendy, the bracelet is the perfect gift for any man to jazz up his outfit



Change your ‘same old same old’ appearance and become the main attraction of every occasion by coupling yourself up with this necklace! With its classic heart design and grand appearance with name engraving, the bracelet can surely uplift your dressing sense by quite a mile. Thus, you will surely be able to find something that suits your personality and choice perfectly.

If you are thinking about the ideal gift for her on the anniversary, then you can choose this one to make her happy. Surprise your wife, girlfriend, fiancée by giving this bracelet as a present on the anniversary. You can also gift it to relatives, family members, and close friends on different occasions. 



Material: Sterling Silver

Shape: Heart

Size: 18mm x 19mm

Colors: Silver with Gold