Sterling Silver Preteen Girl Pin- Personalized Birthstone and Name Engraving Broach for Girls



  • Incredibly crafted sterling silver broach for girls and this pin excellently portrays a preteen or teenaged girl in the design
  • This broach comes from high-end sterling silver material and this premium silver is assuredly rust and corrosion-free
  • The girl in the design has a ribbon or band tying up her hair, which is prominently curved with black outlines 
  • The broach has a stunning zirconia birthstone in the bottom and you get colored birthstone options
  • In the bottom, right next to the birthstone, you get to put a customized name engraving   



              Don’t miss this delightful broach! This sterling silver custom pin is cute as a button. This simplistic design very aptly captures the mood of a teenaged girl in the design. Truly artistic creations find their way through a few lines and shapes. This simple silver broach does that too. The hair length of the girl is medium-sized, so you get the idea that it is portraying a preteen or teenage girl. You look at the neat and fresh design of the broach. It is appropriate for dresses, jackets, backpacks, purses, and else. This cute broach comes from quality. The sterling silver material is sturdy and long-lasting. There is a sparkling birthstone at the bottom. You can choose the zirconia stones from the twelve available color options. 

When you add a dear name next to the birthstone, this broach becomes much valuable in worth. You can get this for your teenaged sister or your school-going daughter. The cute broach is appropriate for everyone who likes sterling silver broaches. It is a nice gift choice for your mother also. 



Material: Sterling Silver
Shape: Figure
Size: 32mm x 35.5mm
Stone: Birthstone